9 Jan

-Still running…did 4 miles on Tuesday, 5 on Thursday and plan to do 10 this weekend.

-Ryan & I are applying for jobs like crazy…here, there and everywhere! Praying for an open door.

-We have a contract on our house. It was on the market for one week and we got a contract. The week of Christmas no less…unheard of in today’s economy! Closing late this month.

-Super stoked about 24 starting back up this Sunday night! Jack Bauer rocks.

-Praying for a little girl named Fedna this week and amazed by Jamie’s heart…read about this here.

-Starting to pack up our house and clean out some things to prepare for the move.

-Recently bought Christmas candy for 75 cents a bag and have been eating WAY too much of it!

-Thankful for my loving husband and amazing daughters.

-Sad that my sister has to start traveling again next Monday…back to work.

-Hopeful for our future and excited to see what happens next in the life of the Dixon’s.

-I have four cousins that are expecting babies this year…four more additions to our already HUGE fam!

-Selling a mobile car power wash & a bar/counter area from our coffee shop if anyone is interested.

-Tried the new “natural rustica” pizza from Pizza Hut tonight and loved it!


2 Responses to “updates”

  1. ichoosetolove January 10, 2009 at 12:22 pm #

    I’m assuming you guys are moving to ATX… when is the big day?? Know where ya’ll will live yet?? Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Austin Marathon.

  2. Jennifer January 10, 2009 at 5:47 pm #

    We’re still praying for you guys!! I hope a job comes along soon for either one of you. Justin is also still looking for one. Fun times!!

    Love you guys! 🙂

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