26 Nov

ryan & i dvr’d the 24:redemption 2 hour special the other night & we just got around to watching it last night after we put the girls to bed. man i miss this show! i can not wait for the new season to start back up in january…its been way too long. our friends danny & ashley got us hooked on this show. one night, at their house, they said we needed to watch one episode. so we watched the first episode of season 1 and we were soooo hooked…we borrowed the whole season from them & watched all of it. then over the next few months, we rented or borrowed other seasons to get caught up…we watched them obsessively. like at least one or two a night for a while! ryan’s brother ross can attest to this. he visited for like two weeks one time in lubbock & he was drug into our addiction. we love it! action-packed, nail-biting, butt-kicking, good times! jack bauer rocks.


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