happy birthday jeff!

24 Oct

yesterday, my little brother jeff turned 18. we went to my parents for his bday dinner last night. my mom always cooks us whatever we want for our bday dinners. for ryan’s dinner, he chose chicken fried steak, homeade french fries, green beans, and apple crisp for dessert. jeff’s request? chocolate gravy & biscuits!!! chocolate gravy you ask? um, yes…its delicious! its an old family recipe that comes down from my mom’s side of the family from my great-grandmother & we have had it as long as i can remember. christmas morning…chocolate gravy. any family get-together…what do we have for breakfast? chocolate gravy. it may sound weird to you…but, seriously its amazing. just ask ryan…the first time he had it when we first got together, he was very skeptical. but he loves it! don’t knock it until you try it. amy, jeff’s girlfriend, had it for the first time last night. its funny to watch people try it for the first time b/c its so unheard of & a strange concept. for me, its always been there – so i’ve never thought about it as weird, i just have always enjoyed it! oh, and after we stuffed out faces, ryan & i went out and ran 3 1/2 miles which totally cancelled out all of the calories.  hehe. 🙂

happy bday jeff! hope you had a great day.  love ya little bro.


One Response to “happy birthday jeff!”

  1. Christy Marie October 24, 2008 at 8:58 am #

    When random friends stow-away with you for the fourth of july…chocolate gravy!! I love that stuff!!

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