why ask why: part 2

15 Oct

13. why is running so hard at times and so easy at other times?

14. why are my allergies kicking my butt this week?

15. why am i so afraid of big dogs?

16. why is kamryn fascinated with electrical outlets?

17. why does time go by so fast?

18. why are my thumbs so short?

19. why do i find it hard to trust anyone?

20. why can’t i make tea like my mom?

21. why are humans the most hateful to those they love the most?

22. why can’t there be a target in quitman?

23. why are relevant churches so few & far between?

24. why do we waste so much time, knowing that time is in fact passing us by so quickly?

25. why do i love the word blitz & hate the word debacle?


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