twenty nine

13 Oct

today is ryan’s birthday….the big 2-9! i love my husband so very much. here are just 29 reasons why:

1. he protects me.

2. he is the perfect height for me: when we hug, my head fits nice & snugly right under his chin.

3. he loves me unconditionally.

4. he motivates me when we go running.

5. he gets more & more handsome every year.

6. he is real.

7. he is an awesome father to our daughters.

8. he helps me so much around the house, with our girls, at the shop, etc.

9. he is truly my best friend.

10. i trust him completely.

11. he loves God and strives hard to live his life to reflect that.

12. he makes me laugh every day.

13. he always goes above & beyond, doing the best he can.

14. he is strong.

15. we have so much fun together!!!

16. he makes addi & kamryn laugh harder than anyone else can.

17. his smile makes my heart melt.

18. i still have the biggest crush on him.

19. he has characteristics about him, that i lack & need in my own life…so that works out well for me!

20. he is awesome at grilling: burgers, steaks, chicken, pizza, veggies, yum!

21. he is a great leader.

22. he holds me when i am upset about something and i feel better in his arms.

23. i love how he gets pouty if i’m not paying my full attention to him after the girls go to bed.

24. i love that we love to do a lot of the same things: cook, run, concerts, movies, etc.

25. i love the poem he wrote for me when he proposed.

26. he is a great painter.

27. he is a faithful redskin fan even living in texas.

28. he has a huge heart.

29. i love that it was super easy for me to write this list & i love even more that i could keep going & going!


i heart you.


One Response to “twenty nine”

  1. Jennifer October 13, 2008 at 9:03 pm #

    Thanks for sharing… so happy for you both, and wishing Ryan a very happy year! 🙂

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