10 Oct

My little brother, Jeff is a Senior this year. SOOOO hard to believe! That makes me feel old. This week is Homecoming week at QHS…they have the bonfire, the parade, homecoming court, football game tonight, the works. We went to the bonfire this week & the girls loved it. Addi loves to hear the band play. She likes to see all of the instruments and of course, she loves music! We also went to the parade through town today & they had a great time. Addison always gets nervous when there are loud noises. During the parade, the fire trucks turned on their siren and she started to cry. But while she was crying, she waved at them and said, “Hi…I crying!” It was too cute. And of course, Kamryn was just chilling chewing on Ryan’s keys the whole time…she could care less about the parade. Here is a pic of us w/Jeff at the bonfire…

Now, Ryan & I are off to open the shop up for the kids after the game tonight. Talk about crazy! Studio Java gets packed out after a home football game. We make one mocha java shake after the other…and love every minute of it! Late night ahead, but well worth it.


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