recycled food

7 Oct

lately, we have tried really hard to not waste food. so many times, we will cook an awesome meal, have tons of leftover…intend to eat it, but end up tossing it out a few days later. so incredibly wasteful! so, we have tried to use up the left-overs by being creative & making different meals out of them. there is a show on food network called quick fix meals with robin miller. a lot of times on the show, she will use one main ingredient, like roasted chicken for example, and make several meals out of that one thing. this has inspired me somewhat to do the same thing! for example, just yesterday, i cooked homeade beans & some cornbread to go with it. it was a slow-cooker paula dean recipe and it was quite tasty! here’s the recipe. anyways, there were a ton of beans left. ryan suggested that we smash up the beans & use them to make burritos for lunch the next day. great idea! so we smashed them, stuck them in the fridge, and today for lunch had bean & cheese burritos on whole wheat tortillas w/salsa. better than taco villa, i must say! i think our best one yet was this. ryan grilled chicken & steak fajitas one night along w/peppers & onions. there was so much chicken,onion, and bell pepper leftover, i knew we had to do something with it. so, the next night, i cut it all up & added ingredients to make this taco soup recipe. amazing! then, there was a lot of soup leftover, so the next night, i filled corn tortillas with the soup mixture and covered it in green tomatillo salsa and cheese & made enchiladas! now that’s being resourceful! and i must say, i think our weekly grocery bill has gone down dramatically since we’ve started doing this. 🙂


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