running in the dark

5 Oct

ryan & i ran 10 miles tonight. it was great. a little tough for me b/c i was tired from our weekend, but it was manageable. the last 2 miles of it were in the complete dark. i am a fraidy cat. seriously. my mind plays weird tricks on me when we run in the dark & i have random strange thoughts.

here are some examples (don’t judge me):

~was that a snake or a stick?

~that big truck with huge wheels pulling a trailer sure was close speeding by me at 70 mph

~were those yellow eyes in the bushes or lightening bugs?

~i hope i don’t trip on all of these snake/sticks

~i hope there isn’t a skunk prepared to spay me around this turn

~is that a bug in my mouth? on my shirt? in my hair? on my leg?

~i’m so finishing that pint of ben & jerry’s when i get home

~oh something’s chasing me….oh no!….oh wait, its my shadow, whew!!!

~ryan better keep turning back to check on me if he knows what’s good for him


One Response to “running in the dark”

  1. Vicki October 6, 2008 at 10:07 am #

    I am SO that way too….so glad to hear there are other adult ‘fraidy cats’ besides myself!

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