bath time

1 Oct

one of my favorite parts of our nights is bath time. after dinner, most nights, ryan gives the girls a bath while i do the dishes & clean up the kitchen. i love the sounds that come from the other room as i clean up. makes me smile & chuckle to myself. ryan is usually singing at the top of his lungs random songs as addi tries to sing along with him…while every now & then saying things like, “kamryn sit down!” or “addi don’t pour water on your sister’s face.” or “i love my girls!” or “no, don’t poo in the tub…gross!” its just fun to hear what goes on in there. i am definitely blessed to have such a helpful husband. he helps, and always has, with our babies sooooo much. he changes their diapers, takes turn with me with night feedings, helps with baths, plays with them, reads to them, etc. he’s an awesome daddy! 


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