9 months announcement!

18 Sep

No, I’m not pregnant. Hehehe…got ya! Its the 18th which means…little Miss Kamryn is 9 months old today!!! Addi went to school this morning and so today has been Kam Day around here. She played at the coffee shop this morning…had a nap…went to the store w/Mommy…took a nice little stroller ride (awesome weather today)…ate some crackers…swang outside on the deck w/Mommy & Daddy…got a manicure (this child’s nails grow fast!)…took another nap…going to Grandma & Papaw’s tonight….good day! Its so hard to believe that my baby is already so close to being 1! I’m so thankful that we are able to spend so much time with both of our girls each day…especially while they are so little & are growing so fast. Here are a few shots of my baby girl!

Look at me, I pull up and stand by myself now!

I love to smile for the camera…in fact, I usually always have a smile on my face!  I am a happy baby.

When I see something I want, or just get tired of standing, I just let go and plop down on the floor…

Momma’s girl

I love my Daddy!!!



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