monday thoughts

15 Sep

ryan is mowing the backyard and the girls are sleeping.  i am sitting here working on some upcoming events and happenings for the coffee shop and i thought i’d share some of my thoughts today.  

1. i am hoping to have the time to read some books soon. i have three books sitting here that i’m going to try to read before the end of the year. ragamuffin gospel, blue like jazz, and eat, pray, love.

2. ryan & i have some debt we are trying to rid ourselves of and we have started watching dave ramsey video’s and reading a few of his books.  going to strive hard to apply the snowball principle and free ourselves from this debt!  pumped about this.

3. we have some cool things coming up with dixon productions and studio java. a super cool event in november, new t-shirts, an audio engineering workshop, etc. stay tuned for this! 

4. we’ve started potty training addi very slowly. she is such a smartie, i think it won’t take her too long. 

5. the weather is AWESOME today…70’s.  aw…love it. perfect running weather.

6. my dad, who is also an awesome carpenter, is building us a picnic-style table for our back patio that will seat 8 people.  woohoo!  i love to cook for people and i’m excited to have this table so that we can have more seating to entertain! i’ll post pics when its done.

7. the redskins won yesterday…slow start, but they rocked the game at the end!

8. we are headed to lubbock this weekend for my sweet friend ashley’s baby shower! we are looking forward to seeing all of our friends there…its been over a year since we moved from there and we have a lot of catching up to do.

9. ryan’s mom has booked flights to come see us the last week of october & we are very excited! addi & kam will love having grandma dixon here to play with!

10. please say a prayer for my friend jennifer. she’s on hospitalized bedrest for a few weeks until her precious baby arrives. pray for little camren’s safe arrival and jennifer & colby as they prepare for the exciting adventure of parenting.


2 Responses to “monday thoughts”

  1. chris andres September 15, 2008 at 4:19 pm #

    Blue like jazz = awesome.

  2. Jennifer September 15, 2008 at 8:12 pm #

    debt free = awesome too
    it’s such a great feeling! I know several people who have used dave ramsey’s stuff to help with debt relief and it has been great for them.

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