introducing bailey

11 Sep

i just realized that i’ve never mentioned anything about my sweet dog on this blog. bailey boo dixon has been in the family now for over 5 years…we got her the same year ryan & i got married. she was our first baby! bails is a tiny toy poodle. she is such a great dog. she’s a sweet cuddly lap dog…doesn’t bark much…does some cool tricks…is soooo good with the babies, even when they pull her ears…is always happy to see you…doesn’t potty in the house…is a good companion when you are having a bad day.  the only flaw she really has is that she gets into the trash if left out after we leave the house. its like she can’t help herself…she can’t control it. and she knows she’s going to be in trouble when we get back…as soon as we walk in the door, her tail is tucked and she goes to her room. oh, and her breath reeks too! but other than that, she’s an awesome doggie! here’s a pic of bails…she’s a good poser.


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