messes & pigtails

9 Sep

kamryn is not a very good eater. she is just like her older sister was in the way she eats baby food. not very interested…would rather have big people food…hardly opens her mouth for it…rubs her hands all over her face and plays with it…its a MESS! we do baths immediately following dinner. here’s why…

addison’s hair has been slow to grow her whole life. right now it has a bob-style to it…the sides are longer than the middle. i love it. and its finally at a point where i can put it in pig tails! it looks so cute…when she leaves it in that is. she has hair like i did when i was little. here’s a cute pic i snapped when i was chasing her around the house…

i love, love, love my baby girls!!! they are just too precious.


2 Responses to “messes & pigtails”

  1. Jennifer Dancer September 10, 2008 at 11:36 am #

    I love Kamryn’s face, she looks like she is enjoying her messy self!!

    I would love to take pictures of your girls sometime. I just bought my camera back in february and still have a lot to learn about photography, but it is something I want to get good at…one day. I enjoy using the creative side of my brain with photography and it’s fun for me! So someday when it’s not nasty outside I’ll come over and shoot some pictures in your backyard with them.

  2. Vicki September 10, 2008 at 5:55 pm #

    LOVE the food everywhere! And Addi’s pig tails of course!

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