its raining, its pouring

4 Sep

this week, its been rather rainy & dreary. the sun did make an appearance this afternoon, but the last few days have been dark and misty.  i love that kind of weather. and i would rather it be rainy any day than super hot like it has been. yesterday, i went running in the mist. i had taken several days off due to our trip to austin and the weather. but i needed to run, so i just went out in the rain and took off. it actually wasn’t bad at all. in fact, it felt great. a slight mist kept me cool and i ran a little faster than i normally do. anyways, this whole scenario got me thinking as i was running my 3 miles… this past year has been absolutely nuts for ryan & i. we have had many ups & downs. we moved our family from west texas to east texas and have encountered many obstacles along the way. it has been a challenging year, no doubt. with jobs, selling our house there, buying a house here, opening a business, etc. we have been completely living on faith, not knowing what the next day holds or how this will work or that will work…but we have just tried hard to put our trust in God. it has been the hardest thing we’ve done…honestly. but we are finally at a point where we feel that things are coming together. we feel that God is revealing things to us and we are starting to see his plan for our lives here. its exciting and very encouraging. we are excited about things to come. so… running in the rain made me think…when the dark and dreary days come in your christian walk, do you just choose to stay in? or do you get out and run anyways? we heard an awesome message this past weekend at the stone in austin. he made a point that i will never forget. he said that as christians, there will be times in our lives and days where we just don’t feel like living for the sake of the gospel…but we have to “buffet” our bodies, discipline ourselves to do it anyways. i could have chosen to stay in my comfortable house yesterday, but i know that i must run in order to stay in shape…i have races that i will be participating in this fall that i have to be ready for. so i disciplined my body and got up and ran. but how many times when things in life don’t go the way i think they should go…or stuff happens that gets me down (like this past year), do i totally forget that i’m living this life for the sake of the gospel, and i totally fail and don’t get out and run the race that really matters? its so easy to get mad, give up, think God is not working and is not listening to me, etc. but like matt at the stone reminded us…it doesn’t matter how you feel. you have to keep your focus on the prize and run to win. each morning when you wake up, regardless of the circumstances around you, remind yourself of this phrase…”for the sake of the gospel.” thanks matt for the message. it was awesome. i needed it & i am striving to remember this daily & to keep my focus…even when the rainy & dark days come.

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