1 Sep

i have to say that traveling with kids is exhausting! first of all, you basically have to pack up your entire house to go anywhere. then, once you are there…there is nothing “normal” or “routine” about it.  no normal naps (if any at all), no normal bedtime, no normal bath time, no normal eating, no routine, no SLEEP. plus, car rides with a 2 year old & an 8 1/2 month old will wear anyone out! we listen to kiddie music, sing loudly, ryan & i dance & try to entertain, i’m constantly giving kam her pacifier & addi snacks, we watch videos & stop for diaper changes…needless to say, car rides are a lot of work on trips. oh & add our tiny toy poodle into the mix of all of that! its tiring & we are SO glad to be home!  we had a great time in austin…we love austin & had an awesome time visiting family & friends, but walking through the door of our house this evening felt awesome.  we made stuffed pizza and have just chilled this evening on the couch & its been great. september is a busy month for us.  with football season starting, our coffee shop will be busy! church services will be starting at allaso in 2 weeks & we have a few trips planned this month also…one to san antonio for a wedding this coming weekend & one to lubbock for a baby shower. off to shower & to bed…i’m TIRED!!!  🙂


One Response to “home”

  1. Vicki September 2, 2008 at 9:44 am #

    I SOOOO feel your pain, and I only have ONE! We all need to get away yes….but our vacation and lack of sleep for lots of it made us appreciate HOME even more! Glad you had fun!

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