20 Aug

Ryan & I have been watching the Olympics every night. We love it…its so much fun & interesting to watch these great athletes achieve their dreams. Last night, we watched the hurdle race where Lolo Jones hit the second to the last hurdle & fell behind. She was ahead…it appeared as if she were going to be the winner…and then boom, in just a second’s time, everything changed. I felt so bad for her! After the race, in her interview she said something about how she’s done that before, but not often, and it just stinks that it happened the one time it really mattered. She was going for the gold and she really thought she would win. As I thought about this today, I thought about how life is full of hurdles…hard times, stress, worry. Sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to. The thing about last night’s race is that Lolo got back up & finished the race.  Even though she knew she was not going to win after her foot hit the hurdle. She continued on and finished. When we go through tough times, we have to keep going. Put your faith in Him, keep your eyes on the prize, and keep trucking along. Don’t let it get you down. We have one life to live. Live each day to the fullest. Let God have control & trust Him. Give your worries & struggles to the one who loves you unconditionally and has a plan for your life. These are things Ryan & I remind ourselves when crap happens. The good news is that at the end of this life, regardless of the hurdles, I know I will win.


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