twinkle twinkle

15 Aug

yesterday, we were riding in the car after picking the girls up from my grandmothers house. as we were driving down the road, we heard a soft, sweet voice start to sing “twinkle twinkle, little star” from the back seat. addi sang the whole song and when she was done, ryan & i looked at each other & just smiled! nothing is sweeter or more heart-warming than hearing your 2 year old daughter sing! so precious. i think we might have a singer on our hands! the girl has always loved music & loves to sing songs. in fact, she has her very own microphone & stand at the studio that she loves to play with and pretend as though she is singing. its hilarious. when we have music playing in the coffee shop, she stands there, closes her eyes, sways back & forth, and barely moves her lips. as my mom says, “what a ham!”


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