updates on life

10 Aug

1. ryan has a new job: he’s now a contract audio engineer for a sweet new camp/retreat center that is only like twenty minutes from our house (as opposed to the HOUR drive he had to longview for his other job).  he’s going to do this as often as they need him there as well as work his recording studio and help me out w/the coffee shop & the babies!  this will allow him a much more flexible schedule and we are SO excited about this move & the new adventure.  its an awesome opportunity for him & for our family.  

2. the same camp above was started by a church that is based out of the dallas area & they are starting another campus at the camp.  services will start sometime this fall & we are excited to get involved and be a part of this community of believers.  we have desperately been missing this in our lives since we moved here from lubbock. 

3. addison will be 2 at the end of this month…so hard to believe!  we will be spending her bday & labor day weekend in the austin area w/my brother & his family.  excited about that!

4. kamryn has 2 teeth now and is almost crawling.  any day now, we expect her to just take off.  she is also pulling up and jibber jabbering a lot.  SO adorable.

5. i’ve been sick since we returned from our san fran trip, so i have not ran in several days & its killing me!  i am excited to start our new training program to get ready for the next 1/2 marathon on our schedule…dallas white rock in december.  

6. last but not least, we tried a new ben & jerry’s flavor last night that is super good….cake batter.  oh my!  phish food is my all time fav, but this one ranks on up there.  in fact, its calling my name now…gotta go!


One Response to “updates on life”

  1. dreamingBIGdreams August 10, 2008 at 9:12 pm #

    hope to see you guys over labor day!!!!

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