the next food network star is…

28 Jul

well, last night was it…the season finale of the next food network star.  ryan & i were so pumped about it.  i made cookies…we put the girls to bed and curled up on the couch to watch our show.  i was not sure who i wanted to win.  there were 3 left…and i liked them all really.  they all were so different, it was hard to pick one out of the three to root for.  so when they announced that aaron was the winner, i really didn’t care…they were all good!  i do have to say, that i was kind of hoping lisa would win b/c she’s from dallas! sad that the show’s over…now we’ll have to get out the boston legal or the office seasons and start watching those.  i love both of those shows too.  and this january, 24 will return FINALLY.  i hardly remember what even happened last season, its been so long!


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