The froggie pool this afternoon…

18 Jun

So all morning, we talked about the froggie pool.  We had to work the shop, come home & eat lunch, TAKE A NAP, and THEN we could go swimming in our new froggie pool.  🙂  This was the plan & Addi was very excited all day about it.  In fact, she cried so hard the night we set up the pool & she couldn’t swim in in b/c it was her bed time.  Anyways, while she was napping today, I filled it with water so it would be nice & warm.  When she woke up, first thing she asks is for “froggie!” So we put on bathing suit, sunscreen, etc. & head outside.  I set Kamryn up in the shade and Addi was ready to “swim.”  Here are a few pics that show the progressive experience of the pool today…

At first, she was a little apprehensive, but excited…

She walked around it for a while, uncertain what to do next.  So I showed her.  I set her INSIDE the pool & here is her reaction…

How awful of you mommy to put me in the pool!  So I took her back out for a minute & she FINALLY after about 10 minutes of hanging out and playing with the water outside of the pool, she got back in…

She would only STAND for the longest & the finally…

she decided the froggie pool was FUN & played for almost an hour.  🙂  She loved it after she warmed up to it!  


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